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ALREADY MORE THAN 25,000 MOTORS Overhauled/Repaired.


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Van Loock Motoren is an accredited overhaul company for:


ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality management system

Certification issued by AIB-Vinçotte International nv.

This guarantees the customer that the management of “Van Loock Motoren” runs the company in a serious and diligent manner.

Operations are continuously adapted based on aspects including customer satisfaction surveys and internal and external complaints. If required the certificate can be issued in a different language on simple request.

Certificate number: 60362049. View certificate

ATEX : Explosion-proof motors

Since 1992 the first overhaul company accredited in Belgium for EX-motors in explosive atmospheres in the (petro)chemistry and nuclear sector. Van Loock Motoren works according to ATEX product directive 94/9/EC.

Certificate number: ISSeP06ATEX019/2. View certificate


IEC Ex03: certified repairfacility

Since november 2015, Van Loock Motoren is the first recognised independant repairshop in Belgium for explosion proof motors. This international standard will become, in the near future, leading for the whole European community.

Certificate number: IECEx03 DEK S0020 View certificate

VCA : Working on-site

Safety management system accreditation for ‘On-site service activities on electromechanical installations’.

Certificate number: 60532434. View certificate


Certified Siemens/Loher Motor Repair shop

Certified motor repairshop for large drives  “Siemens/Loher”

Overhaul/repairment/rewinindgs Low voltage, hight voltage and Explosionproof motors


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