Van Loock Motoren - lean in Maintenance

ALREADY MORE THAN 25,000 MOTORS Overhauled/Repaired.

The overhaul/rewinding of rotary electrical machines, mechanical and electrical periodical and predictive maintenance to minimise failures

Van Loock Motoren has been operating as a family business since 1974. The concerns operates in Belgium and the Netherlands in heavy industry, (petro)chemistry and shipping, at transhipment companies and on infrastructure works such as bridges, locks and trams.

Besides the overhaul of rotary electrical motors, the focus lies on optimising your production process and lengthening of the life of your machinery based on mechanical and electrical periodical and predictive maintenance.

What we can do for you:


Overhauls of rotary electrical machines

Overhauls of electric motors, pumps, reduction gearing, centrifuges and blowers to a weight of 10 tons and power to 5 MW, 6kV at the workshops in Schoten and Rotterdam. Getting your production capacity back up to speed quickly is the first priority.


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Preventive and predictive maintenance on location

Mechanical and electrical periodical and predictive maintenance help avoid unexpected failures and limit major damage. Your production process and quality are assured by on-time maintenance. At present we are taking care of the machinery at 45 plants in Belgium and the Netherlands.


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New motor sales

If the overhaul costs exceed the price of new equipment, overhauling your motor means a waste of time, money and energy. We can then offer you a replacement of any make from our extensive stock as an alternative.


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Recent overhauls:

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