Coil Shop

Own coil shop: qualitative added value

We are the only coilshop with own production in the Benelux

Our philosophy is to improve continuously our quality, we have always invested in making our own coils and impregnating our own products in a VPI process. This since 2007. This resulted in a coilshop which is capable to manufacture VPI coils for AC, DC and MV (11kV) machines. Van Loock Motoren has 3 main VPI systems, all three with mica and epoxy VPI resin as the main ingredients. By selecting different mica tapes and a different resin, we are capable to cover almost 100% of the industrial electrical rotating machines market, including a wide area of traction motors (220°C).

We are strong in producing small series of coils of high quality. This results also in short lead times. Especially in the repair branch, where parallel processes in the repair production are key elements to short lead times. With our 10 persons coilshop department we are capable of producing coils in an efficient way.

The highlights:

  • Short lead times for coils: appr. 4 weeks
    • depending on voltage, quantity and dimensions
  • 23 FTE’s for HV motor repair/overhaul

All equipment for producing coils are in place:

  • Coil loopers
  • Spreader
  • Coil press
  • Taping machines
  • Refrigerators for cooling insulation materials
  • Cutting  table, for cutting large insulation materials
  • VPI Meier installation

Work area :

  • Traction : AC/DC
  • High voltage : softcoils and hardcoils
  • Generatorcoils : AC/DC/High voltage

Capatity :

  • Length coils : 2 m
  • Tension : Till 11 kV
  • Softcoils / hardcoils

Specialised :

  • Small amounts
  • High specific quality
  • Short delivery terms

Erik Smith
Technical manager
+ 32 3 644 19 61

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