“It is the customer who enables us to earn our living, so it is important to know what the customer really wants.”
Van Loock Motoren has been operating as a family business since 1974. Together with my sister I am now the third generation at the company. But the family is bigger. Our personnel are just as much part of the family, that is bonded by workmanship and pride.

My father worked hard and was a technician through and through. I sense a great deal of respect for his passionate workmanship among older “Electro Bobinage Van Loock” customers. Today I am more occupied with the management, control and performance of our company, but I do keep in daily touch with the shop floor to keep an eye on matters on the ground.

Our objective is to be the number one in price/quality for the overhaul and maintenance of electric rotary machines within a radius of 500 kilometres around Antwerp. We now work on rotary machines up to 20 tons, but are moving up to 40 tons.

To me it is not more people that are important, but even higher quality. A lot of money and a many personnel is no guarantee that everything will be a success. What is important is to prepare people well, so everyone knows what he or she has to do. Calmness then originates from which enormous results can be achieved.

We do this by technical specialisation and helping seek solutions with the customer. We think pragmatically and ask ourselves how things could be done differently. We examine how we can optimise our customer’s production process and accordingly give him added benefits.

We usually observe consequential damage when carrying out overhauls. The cause of the motor problems is then usually not attributable to the motor itself. And if the problem is not removed, the motor will soon become defective. This is why we are increasingly moving from pure overhauls to using our brains to achieve better performance at our customers.

Personal contact is therefore essential to get into discussions. And Van Loock Motoren has become big through personal contact. It is our customers who enable us to earn our living, so it is important to know what the customer really wants.

Ing. Bob en Annick Van Loock

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