• Number 1 in repair and maintenance of

    electronic rotary machines

  • Van Loock Motors has more than

    25.000 Motors Restored

Offer new motors

About Van Loock Motors

Our objective is to be the number one in price/quality for the overhaul and maintenance of electric rotary machines within a radius of 500 kilometres around Antwerp. We now work on rotary machines up to 20 tons, but are moving up to 40 tons.

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  • New premises

    • 3000m2 workplace
    • 700m2 offices
    • 20 ton lifting power
    • 10m hoisting height
    • State of the art
      • Dust free
      • Solar panels
      • Underfloor heating
    • Ecological, sustainable


  • Overhead crane 4 : 10 ton double hoists

    In rewinding department tilting stators/rotors in a save way.

    Maker : ABUS, width : 20 m, 2x 10 ton
    Equipped with : permanent weight controle system to avoid overload