Oil analysis

Oil analysis

Lubricants are used everywhere in the industry and daily life.
They have to resist extreme conditions like high pressure, temperature and pollution.

It‘s no wonder that oil for example, degrades.

It is very important to check the oil if it’s still good enough for use in your machine.

Oil analysis can be separated in two groups:

  • Analysis with the intention to determine the quality of the oil to prevent mechanical wear
  • Analysis with the intention to detect a mechanical wear process and eventually slowing it down.


Detecting wear processes

Especially the second group is our profession.

What we can separate and detect in oil:

  • Water and it’ s origin (like cooling water and condensate)
  • Dissolved water
  • Blasting grid
  • To high operating temperature
  • Iron parts (like bearing races)
  • Bronze and copper parts ( like a bearing-cage)
  • Aluminum-alloy (like journal bearings)
  • Viscosity check

These analysis can be done in our workshop or in the field at your company.

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