Diagnostic measurement

Insulation Diagnosis of rotating high voltage machines. The execution of electrical high voltage measurements on-site with special measuring truck.

State of the art measuring equipment

Measurements will be executed by specialist, especially trained for this job
Measurements are suitable for high-voltage motors as well for generators.

Standard measurements package:

  • Phase resistance measurement.
  • Insulation measurement with  DC high-voltage equipment (IR and PI).
  • Polarization index (PI)
  • Tangent- delta measurement with AC high-voltage equipment.
  • Capacitance measurement with AC high-voltage equipment.
  • Partial discharge measurement with AC high-voltage equipment (pC)
  • Reporting of the measurements, the conclusion and the advice.

Measurements according to IEC norms.

Extra measurements on demand.

You can contact us for on-line partial discharge measurements, vibration measurements, oil-analysis, balancing on-site, thermal analyses.

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Technical manager
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